The Light House Shanty is:

Matt Sand, Laura Klecker, Jenna Hines, Dane Steinlicht, Joseph Lochner, Jana Larson, Ross Keim

With the light house, we intend to gather as much energy as possible, so that we can give it away freely. From the Sun and each other, we will capture and retain energy, so that we may manipulate it into visual, thermal, playful and creative forms that, when consumed, bring much needed winter-time energy to our visitors.

Medicine Lake, Minnesota, Bahamas

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The whole thing would be cooler, but batteries don't like the cold!!!

Light House Shanty build from dane on Vimeo.


  1. Laura, Jenna and crew - we were so impressed with your Light House Shanty! Lots of time and thought went into your shanty...very impressive!

    Jodi and Julie

  2. This whole project looks rather obscure.

    Ti salud, Laura! I cannot wait to see this thing in person. I wish I had a camera this big. All I have is a tiny 4x5.


  3. ms klecker it is sooo awesome!!!! ur 7th hr student