The Light House Shanty is:

Matt Sand, Laura Klecker, Jenna Hines, Dane Steinlicht, Joseph Lochner, Jana Larson, Ross Keim

With the light house, we intend to gather as much energy as possible, so that we can give it away freely. From the Sun and each other, we will capture and retain energy, so that we may manipulate it into visual, thermal, playful and creative forms that, when consumed, bring much needed winter-time energy to our visitors.

Medicine Lake, Minnesota, Bahamas

Thursday, January 14, 2010

light ... defined as

1. an energy source
2. something that makes vision possible; electromagnetic radiation from about 390 - 740 nm in wavelength
3. something that enlightens or informs; truth
4. psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles (a light heart)
5. easy; not difficult
6. beacon (a lighthouse)
7. spiritual illumination; inner light
8. a medium (as a window, lamp) through which light is admitted
9. plural: a set of principles, standards, or opinions
10. a noteworthy person in a particular place or field (a leader)
11. an expression in someone’s eye
12. of little intensity or power or force
13. an area that is brighter or paler than its surroundings
14. a device producing a flame or spark
15. a comparatively light physical weight or density
16. a particular perspective or aspect of a situation

1 comment:

  1. Light House Shanty Crew --

    Looking forward to seeing the Light House and other shanties! Photos look great -- interesting and fun! Sounds like a great weekend coming up...with sunshine...which will be good for your opening day/weekend! Enjoy and have fun!

    Julie and Don